CXOs for Business Incubation (R&D) and Matrix-Q Start Ups

The Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken incubates own business projects and those of its customers, for both utilizes, integrates and implements Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, Innovations and technology developed and provided by its division (R&D) the Matrix-Q Research Institute (License & Standard).

The CXO Program is a path of recruiting new team members for Matrix-Q (R&D, Innovation) Start Ups .

The CxO Training program is also offered to eligible candidates to MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Franchise, to candidates to Matrix-Q fellowship and to corporate

Participants of the CXO Program may at any stage of their CXO training completion, if qualified and eligible,  join:

  • a Matrix-Q Research & Innovation Project
  • a Matrix-Q Consultancy Project
  • a Matrix-Q Education Project
  • a Matrix-Q Business Incubation Project
  • a Matrix-Q Team of a Start Up Project
  • a Matrix-Q Franchise Project