CXOs Program Stages

CXO Program: 9+ Stages (Levels) to CXO

Each stage or level offers a complete training, which includes specific content (Matrix-Q knowledge and skills acquisition), e-learning materials, coaching, application tasks, experiential gamified learning, and evaluation and certification through real projects challenges.

The length of time necessary for completion, validation and or evaluation of skills for each level of the training may vary according to case, study group, individual experience.

The challenge our students face is :”How to apply PTƟ Matrix-Q Tools and operational guidelines” for the tasks they have to accomplish, achievement of goals, aims, completion of milestones, solving challenges or issues. (REF: The 9+ Levels of Impact & Risk ManagementBy Laws- Responsible Use)


  • 0.Volunteer
  • 1.Intern
  • 2.Project Management Assistant
  • 3.Project Management
  • 4.Business Management Assistant
  • 5.CXO
  • 6.Coach – Trainer
  • 7.Consultant
  • 8.Innovator
  • 9.Investor
  • 9+. Primordial Leader


Attendees may have already business experience or skills, academic studies, background, in the fields or functions described above, but they do not have experience of application of  Matrix-Q Know How, Tools and Skills,  in their work. Our Training program offers to them the whole set of tools, information, skills, necessary to apply the know how responsibly  and become eligible for a Matrix-Q Certificate and license.


A license gives to its holder the right to use (PTƟ User certificate) and the right to provide the know how to third party (PTƟ Trainer, PTƟ Coach, PTƟ Consultant, PTƟ CXO).

A PTƟ  Certificate describes the number of units of training, skills, level of application the certificate holder has for one or a set of tools.

(More details about certificates and licenses)