9+ Levels of Impact & Risk Management

The CXO Program attendees will focus on developing skills and acquiring of the information and knowledge necessary for the application of PTƟ Matrix-Q Know How for Holistic Strategic Management, by considering the 9+ Levels of Impact & Risk of their strategies and decision making.

This knowledge and ability is necessary for the assessment of  ” PTƟ  Know How Responsible Use” capacity, rank and points associated to the certificates and licenses they will receive, if eligible, after completion of their training.

” To be a holder of a PTƟ Matrix-Q License means to ensure capacity and skills for responsible application of PTƟ. For example, the knowldge and ability necessary to identify the necessary conditions an organization must have before application of PTƟ Matrix-Q Tools for self-management, change management or project management. The core knowledge provied through the training programs for PTƟ Matrix-Q User Certificate fosuc on Risk Management, and the ideal or minimmum conditions organizations or individuals must hold before application of PTƟ Matrix-Q for them.”


When applying Holistic-Strategic Management the following 9+ levels of impact and risk management need to be mastered. At each of the 9+ stages of training of the CXO Program the following 9+ levels of impact must be understood and studied, PTƟ Tools must be correctly applied at each level of the training.

  • 0. Natural human blue print.
  • 1. Individual Identity, Personal Development, Self-Knowledge, Self-Management
  • 2. Binomial Communication, Collaboration, Co-creation
  • 3. Team collaboration, Leadership, Process Awareness, Family,
  • 4. Organizational Development, Community Development
  • 5. Location, Culture, Network Sustainable Development.
  • 6. Inter-locations Collaboration, Travel & Corridor of Projects Management
  • 7. Multi-location, Multi-culture, Multi-disciplinary, Matrix-Management
  • 8. Global Sustainable Development
  • 9. Global culture and global civilization advancement
  • 9+.